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Jammie Dodger* is a basic shmup with a twist: all of your ship's movement is performed by firing your weapon.

As the pilot of the Jammie Dodger, your mission is to guide your tiny ship along the two different-colored tracks to avoid being hit by flying asteroids.

How long can you survive?


  • Move the mouse to aim your laser sights.
  • Click to fire your laser. You can also hold the left mouse button down to fire a continuous beam.
  • Your ship is the white diamond, and it will move each time you fire your laser. The movement direction is based on the color of the asteroid you hit:
    • No asteroid hit = move lef
    • Same color as current track = move righ
    • Different color from current track = jump to other track


Jamey Stevenson (dreamlogician)
Anthony Rossello (Brightstar)

* a.k.a. "Star Track" (EU), "Shmuppet Babies" (JP)

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